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Photographing Pools

Getting That Money Shot

It is often the pool shot that offers up the best marketing image in both the average home and the prestige homes.
This is especially true during the hot summer months when homes with pools seem to be in high demand.

As a photographer I'm always looking for the best angle to capture the most inviting shot, from my experience most suburban pools are best photographed looking back towards the home.

There are a number of reasons why this will work best but the most obvious is, it usually eliminates any objects from the backyard that may not improve the image and also usually ensures neighbouring homes or overlooking windows/balconies are not obvious.

Pools always look best when the sun is bright and the clouds are few so scheduling when the weather is good is always top of mind.

Pool shots are also better when pool cleaners are removed, there are no dog bowls on the patio, pool brushes and skimmers are stored out of site and pool covers are removed. If you have a pool cover, storing the cover roller out of site is a good option too if possible.

Another option for pool owners is the twilight shot, these can be dramatic and a great image to attract attention.

The last thing to remember when having a pool photographed is to have it ready to go at least 30 minutes before the photographer arrives. Pulling pool cleaners out after the photographer arrives can leave water marks all over the paving, it also makes it difficult if the sun is in and out of the clouds and the only time it is out the pool isn't ready to shoot.

Everyone ready to "Splash Into Summer"?

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